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Improving health & wellbeing for you and your whānau is at the core of everything we do.

Physical, mental (and financial health) are all connected - so we look to find solutions, programs and benefits that can work together across all of them, to support you and your whānau broader health and wellbeing needs and leave you and your family better off.

We believe that being proactive with your healthcare is essential to achieving overall wellbeing and ensuring a longer, healthier life.  It starts with regular primary healthcare. Through regular screenings, blood tests, and examinations, emerging health concerns can be identified at an early stage. This proactive approach enables timely interventions and preventive measures, greatly improving treatment outcomes.




Our holistic approach to your health care 


We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing that not only focuses on physical health but also takes into account your mental and emotional wellbeing.

And so we have created a unique healthcare bundle that promotes proactive healthcare, healthy lifestyle habits and makes mental health support more easily accessible. 

It starts with primary health care services - a vital part of our health system that not enough New Zealanders take advantage of. From GP visits, to early consultations, screenings, treatments, and tests across a wide range of health areas.  Primary healthcare interventions can often be the difference between catching a problem early or facing more serious impacts, and costs, later on.

So when you take out one of UniMed's Primary Care Plans through us, you are also eligible to register free of charge for our GoodForYou Wellbeing program and Clearhead's digital mental wellbeing app. 

  • A healthcare plan

    Primary Care Plans

    From as little as $4.02* per week, UniMed's Primary Care Plans help you and your family reduce the costs of a wide range of healthcare treatment including: dental, optical, physiotherapy, GP's and prescriptions, health screening and other benefits.
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  • Online health & wellbeing program


    A comprehensive online wellbeing program that provides tools and support to improve your health and wellbeing and rewards you for making healthier choices.
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  • Online mental health support


    A digital platform to proactively support your mental health through evidence-based self help digital tools, resources and timely access to therapists ensuring they can easily access the help you need - when you need it.
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More health Support

Protect against the high costs of surgery and deal with unexpected medical issues faster


Most New Zealanders don’t realise how much surgical, hospital, or ongoing medical care can truly cost their family until it’s too late. 

Our public health system and ACC does a good job in providing access to treatment for serious illness and emergencies, but many health issues Kiwis face are either not accidental or are for non-urgent health conditions like hip replacements or cardiac procedures. This means there can often be delays in accessing treatment and the associated costs can be substantial. 

A properly designed hospital cover plan can protect you against the high costs of elective surgery and help you deal with unexpected medical issues faster - meaning earlier intervention, less time off work, less wait time for surgery.

Hospital Select

UniMed's Hospital Select Plan is designed to keep premiums affordable and sustainable over time, protecting your family against the high costs of surgery and helping you deal with unexpected medical issues faster. Earlier intervention means less time off work or wait times for surgery.

  • Hospital cover with unlimited cover** for general surgery and oral surgery
  • Cover for many pre-existing conditions after you have been insured for three years***.
  • Cover for Specialist consultations, test/investigations associated with surgery or hospital admission and cancer treatment including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
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Terms and Conditions

(*) This is the weekly premium paid by a single insured adult aged between 18 and 45, as at 01 April 2024. Primary Care, Primary Care Extra, #care4U are exclusively available to participating union members of NZEI, PPTA, PSA, TEU, ISEA, TIASA.

Primary Care, Primary Care Extra, #care4U and Hospital Select are underwritten by Union Medical Benefits Society Ltd (UniMed). Any cover issued in response to this application is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the relevant policy documentation and UniMed’s Conditions of Membership.

(**) From 1 April 2024, cover for general surgery and oral surgery increase from $300,000 to Unlimited.

(***) See Hospital Select policy wordings for more details



Union Medical Benefits Society Limited (UniMed) has been given an A (Excellent) insurer financial rating by AM Best. AM Best’s ratings are as follows: Secure: A++, A+ (Superior); A, A- (Excellent); B++, B+ (Good) Vulnerable: B, B- (Fair); C++, C+ (Marginal); C, C- (Weak); D (Poor); E (Under Regulatory Supervision); F (In Liquidation); S (Suspended).