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What can Clearhead offer?

Clearhead allows our Members to understand why they may be feeling anxious, stressed, tired or down. And it supports them to be proactive and resilient with their mental health. Through their platform, you will have access to:


  • Wellbeing Assistant

    Your most important measures, so you can always see your progress
  • The Journey

    Follow your Guided Wellbeing Journey full of self-help tools.
  • Mood Journal

    Build self-awareness with the Mood journal
  • Book Therapy

    A modern therapist search engine and appointment management tool.

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How to join Clearhead

  • All HealthCarePlus Members and UniMed Policyholders

    If you are a UniMed policyholder (Primary Care, Primary Care Extra, #care4U, and Hospital Select), you are able to get access to the Clearhead digital app. Just click the button below and enter your UniMed Policy ID to sign up. 

    Sign up for Clearhead

  • Not a HealthCarePlus Member and UniMed Policyholder

    Don't worry,  sign up for one of our three 'Day to Day' Healthcare Plans to take advantage of this benefit.  Please click below to compare which plan offers you the best cover for you and/or your family's needs.

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How does it all work

Our Healthcare Bundle

We've partnered with UniMed, Synergy Health and Clearhead to create a unique healthcare bundle that promotes proactive healthcare, healthy lifestyle habits and makes mental health support more easily accessible. 

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About Clearhead

They are the brains behind the Clearhead digital mental wellbeing app. Clearhead was born in 2018 when medical doctor Angela Lim joined forces with software engineer, Michael Connolly. Clearhead's commitment to serving others and providing a system that is truly accessible to everyone is at the heart of what they do. Designed on the understanding that one-size does not fit all, they put choice, convenience and control back in the hands of the consumer.

Clearhead has built an ecosystem that moulds itself around users to provide a holistic approach to identifying, understanding, and guiding individuals through their overall mental wellbeing.

With courage and imagination, Clearhead is on a mission to change the way people proactively think about their mental health and how they get the help they need.