Why Lifetime Retirement Income?

Helping retirees turn their savings into retirement income for life

It's the reason you started saving all those years ago. But now that you're finally here, how do you make your savings last as long as you do?

Lifetime Retirement Income can help you turn your savings into a fortnightly income designed to last for the rest of your life.

This leaves you free to get out there and enjoy living.



Partnering with Lifetime

Backed by an experienced team

By partnering with Lifetime Retirement Income we are working with a team of industry experts, who can help our Members retire with confidence.

  • Ralph Stewart: Managing Director and founder

    Ralph Stewart is the former CEO of AXA and ACC. He has forty years of experience in New Zealand’s financial services sector including TOWER and Jardine Fleming. Ralph also sits on the Police Association Board.
  • Dame Diana Crossan: Director & chairperson

    Diana Crossan is the former Retirement Commissioner of New Zealand where she played a pivotal role in establishing KiwiSaver and launching Sorted.Org.
  • Martin Hawes: Director

    Martin Hawes is one of New Zealand’s leading financial commentators and advisers. He has authored multiple books on personal financial planning, including best-selling titles “Twenty Good Summers” and “Cracking Open the Nest Egg

How does Lifetime Income work?

Lifetime helps retirees take care of the income part of their retirement plan by providing regular, tax paid, fortnightly payments into their bank account.

Receiving a reliable, tax—paid, retirement income that's managed to last a lifetime should not be difficult or complicated. Lifetime helps by actively managing the key unknowns: your life expectancy and investment returns.

  • 1. Your income is calculated

    They calculate your unique annuity factor (age, gender, tax-rate, savings balance and expected investment returns) and lifestyle choices, to give you a reliable regular, tax-paid, retirement income.

  • 2. Your savings are invested

    Your savings are invested in a Balanced Fund and managed by our experienced investment committee. Your account balance, investment returns and future payment details can be viewed anytime via the secure online portal.

  • 3. Regular tax-paid income

    Your savings balance and investment returns are combined and paid each fortnight or 4-weekly on Super Tuesday, providing you with the confidence to spend your income as you please in retirement.

  • 4. Annual Review

    Lifetime completes an Annual Income Review to check your account balance and life expectancy. The review may result in adjustments to your retirement income to ensure your balance will last your lifetime.

Want to get started? 



About Lifetime Income Retirement

Founder and Managing Director, Ralph Stewart, began researching retirement income products in 2013, ultimately launching the first retirement income product in 2016, which was the forerunner to their latest retirement income solution.

Lifetime helps you take care of the income portion of your retirement plan by providing regular, tax-paid, fortnightly payments directly into your bank account. Their purpose is to help people enjoy their retirement with the security of an income for life. At Lifetime they have an affinity and passion for developing transparent, low-cost, high-value retirement income solutions that New Zealand retirees can have confidence in.

Lifetime has $1 billion in funds under management and is backed by a trusted Board of industry experts, including Diana Crossan. Diana served as the Retirement Commissioner from 2003 to 2013 and contributed significantly to the development of KiwiSaver in New Zealand.

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