Why Kora?

Kora fuel cards for all

Kora Fuel Cards are designed to be simple and convenient, with great daily fuel savings and more choices for all Kiwi drivers.

  • Nationwide network

    You can use your Kora cards to fill up and pay at Waitomo and Mobil stations. There are more than 300 sites all round New Zealand, so wherever you go with Kora, the savings will follow.
  • Low cost, great savings

    If your car has a standard 50 litre tank, with your Kora discount of 10 cents a litre, you’ll save $5 straight away. But it gets better, because there’s no limit to how often you can use your Kora cards. So if you have two cars and fill them up twice a month, that’s a saving of about $20. 
  • Pay your way

    Kora gives you the freedom to fill up today and pay for it later. You can choose to get billed weekly, fortnightly or monthly and pay by credit card or direct debit. 

Member benefit

Save 10c per litre with every fill at Mobil and Waitomo stations

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About Kora Fuel Cards


They love discounts!

Kora is  a fuel card company that offers Kiwis a better way to buy petrol or diesel. They work with major fuel brands (starting with Waitomo and Mobil) to give you a great discount every time you fill up at handy locations all round NZ.

Their company name Kora has personal meaning, primarily it means ‘fuel’ in Te reo Māori. As proud kiwis you will notice from time to time that they choose to incorporate Te reo into their branding and delivery.

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