Why Income Protection?

Looking after your financial future

If an illness results in you being unable to work for an extended period and your sick leave payments have stopped, having a monthly benefit kick in at that time to help you continue to meet your ongoing expenses such as mortgages, groceries or other bills could be a financial ‘lifesaver’.

Talk to a Monument financial adviser about arranging a monthly income protection disability benefit. They can arrange this insurance with a 10% discount for the life of the policy (not just the first year).

Member benefit

Get a 10% discount on Income Protection for the life of the policy

Why use Monument Advisers?

Additional benefits of talking to Monument advisers

They can meet with you (and your partner) to discuss your individual needs, prepare personalised plans and assist you with applying for any insurance to address those needs.

They will be your ‘go to’ person to ensure the plan remains suitable and to help with any serious claims.

  • Choice of Insurers

    Monument advisers have access to all New Zealand income protection insurers and their products.
  • Making Informed Decisons

    Monument advisers will give you an honest view as to whether Income Protection is right for you. And will help you decide what plans are best suited to your needs and budget.
  • Help make things easy

    Monument advisers can help you apply and help manage any claims that happen.
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About Monument


For over 30 years Monument Insurance has been HealthCarePlus’s appointed business partner to provide financial advice to HealthCarePlus Members on life and health insurance. (HealthCarePlus is not authorised to provide financial advice).

Monument is an authorised body to Gallagher. Gallagher is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) to provide advice on life and health insurance products.

At Gallagher, we’ve been helping to protect what’s important to people and businesses around the globe for more than 95 years.

Previously known as Crombie Lockwood in New Zealand, we have a long history of helping New Zealanders with their insurance needs. Our local business, which was established in 1978, is still led by two of our Kiwi founders, Steve Lockwood and Carl O’Shea. Our clients are supported by teams of around 1,000 broking professionals in more than 30 offices around the country. With strong connections to the communities we service, we combine local understanding and support with the capability and resources of a large organisation.

Terms and Conditions

To view Monument financial adviser’s terms of engagement and disclosure documents click here.