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Our Hospital Select Plan is designed to keep premiums affordable and sustainable over time - protect your family against the high costs of surgery - and help you deal with unexpected medical issues faster - meaning earlier intervention, less time off work or waiting time for surgery, and in most cases, a better outcome or recovery.

Full hospital cover - that offers up to

$300,000* of benefits

(per admission) across surgery and related consultations

Plus, cover for many pre-existing conditions after 3 years (^)

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— What are the benefits?

An exclusive and important benefit of Hospital Select is that it covers many pre-existing conditions after a period of three years. This can be important if you have had health issues in the past and would like to have them covered in the future.
It is ideal if you are looking for a plan that provides comprehensive cover for major unexpected illnesses requiring surgery, hospitalisation, cancer treatment, and a wide range of specialist consultations, scans and tests. And it is designed to keep premiums affordable, and sustainable over time.

  • (^) Pre-Existing Conditions Covered after 3 years

    As a bonus of joining the HealthCarePlus Hospital Select Plan, UniMed provides cover for many pre-existing conditions after you have been insured in the scheme for 3 years. As part of their offer they will provide details as to any conditions that they will provide cover for after 3 years and any serious medical condition that will be excluded for the life of the policy.

    What is a pre-existing Condition?

    1.    A pre-existing condition is a health or medical condition that was in existence on or before the person’s Cover Start Date.
    2.    At that time the person: 

    •  May have known about the condition; or
    •  May not have known about the condition, but did know of a health history or symptoms which could have indicated the possible existence of the condition to a medical practitioner. 

    If any of these conditions are developed after joining the HCP Hospital plan they would be fully covered subject to the normal terms and conditions of the plan.

    However, there are some pre-existing conditions that are permanently excluded for the life of the scheme; (Cardiovascular/vascular related conditions, Conditions that may result in the requirement for joint replacement surgery, musculoskeletal conditions including injuries, Cancer, Gynaecological disorders).


  • General Surgery up to $300,000 per year

    Covers the costs associated with surgical treatment, including surgeons’ and anaesthetists' fees, private hospital costs, intensive care, recovery nurse, post operative physiotherapy fees and emergency ambulance for hospital admission, surgically implanted protheses and laparoscopic disposables.

    Benefit maximum: up to $300,000 per year

  • Minor Surgery up to $300,000 per year

    If done by registered medical specialists and not requiring general anaesthetic, including preceding consultation and performed in specialist rooms. Otherwise lower limits apply.

    Benefit maximum: up to $300,000 per year

  • Oral Surgery up to $300,000 per year

    All Oral Surgery performed by a Registered Oral Surgeon excluding, under all benefit categories, the extraction or surgical removal of teeth, implantation of teeth or costs of titanium implants. Wisdom tooth extraction including the removal of un-erupted or impacted wisdom teeth, including all associated costs.

    Benefit maximum: up to $300,000 per year

  • Medical Hospitalisation up to $65,000 per year

    Cover is provided for Non Acute Medical Hospitalisation (Excludes Psychiatric /Geriatric) in a Licensed Private Hospital, on admission and under the care of a Registered Medical Practitioner.

    Benefit maximum: up to $65,000 per year

  • Post-op home nursing up to $6,000 per year

    Home Nursing by a Registered Nurse, following surgery in a Private Hospital on referral from a Registered Medical Practitioner.

    Benefit maximum: up to $6,000 per year

  • Hospital Cash Allowance up to $1,500 per year

    When admitted to Public Hospital for a full 24 hours or more. Child Benefit - 50% of above. (All injury admissions excluded)

    Benefit maximum: up to $1,500 per year

  • Specialist/Tests Benefit maximum apply

    Includes: Specialist Oncologist, Oral Surgeon, Consulting Physician/Paediatrician, X-rays, Mammograms, Ultrasounds.

    Entitlement period: six months prior and six months after surgery

    Benefit maximum: Benefit maximum apply

  • Imaging Benefit maximum apply

    Includes: CT Scan, MRI Scan & PET Scan, Cardioversion, Myocardial Perfusion Scan, Scintigraphy, Surgical imaging - colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

    Benefit maximum: Benefit maximum apply

  • Cancer Care Benefit maximum apply

    Includes: Consultations (6 months prior and 6 months after surgery), Diagnostic tests, Surgery, Radiation oncology, and chemotherapy (included in this benefit is cover for Non-PHARMAC chemotherapy drugs that are Medsafe approved for the treatment of cancer, up to a maximum of $10,000 per annum.)

    Benefit maximum: Benefit maximum apply

  • Rewards for Loyalty Benefit maximum apply


    • Overseas surgery: a grant is payable of 75% of usual and customary charge for the identical procedure in New Zealand.
    • Obesity surgery grant: a one-time grant is payable of 50% of actual costs up to the benefit limit.

    Waiting period: Benefits apply after five years' continuous membership in this plan.

    Benefit maximum: Benefit maximum apply

  • Waiver of Premium & Funeral grant
    • Upon death by natural causes prior to age 60 of any member paying the adult contribution rate the surviving spouse and/or qualifying dependents named on the policy will receive two years free coverage at the benefit levels applying at the date of death.
    • Upon death by natural causes prior to age 65 of any person on the policy a grant towards funeral costs is $2,400.
  • A Personalised Wellbeing Program

    Get ongoing health & wellbeing advice, tailored to your age and situation - such as articles, videos and tips - as well as ongoing challenges that you can take yourself, or with family & friends.

    And whenever you take action to invest in your wellbeing - you can also earn points towards a range of exclusive 'wellbeing' discounts and rewards!

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The earlier you sign up the better.  You never know when you or your family's health may change, but once your policy is issued and cover confirmed you are all covered for life.  Act now before any ‘pre-existing conditions’ occur as they may result in conditions being deferred or worse still, declined.

A financial adviser can help you make a well-informed decision on the type of Hospital Cover that’s right for you and your family. 

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Hospital Select documents

We have grouped together the most commonly requested documents and the latest version of the policy document.

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*HealthCarePlus Hospital Select is administered and underwritten by Union Medical Benefits Society Ltd (UniMed). Any cover issued in response to this application is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the relevant policy documentation and UniMed/HealthCarePlus Conditions of Membership.

UniMed’s financial rating


Union Medical Benefits Society Limited (UniMed) has been given an A (Excellent) insurer financial rating by AM Best. AM Best's ratings are as follows: Secure: A++, A+ (Superior); A, A- (Excellent); B++, B+ (Good) Vulnerable: B, B- (Fair); C++, C+ (Marginal); C, C- (Weak); D (Poor); E (Under Regulatory Supervision); F (In Liquidation); S (Suspended).