A highly cost-effective cover

#care4U is designed to help our younger Members access the services and treatments they're most likely to need - without the extras that they don't. Plus, all pre-existing conditions are covered and you are also eligible to register for our mental health and wellbeing program for FREE.

It is exclusively available to participating union members of NZEI, PPTA, PSA, TEU, TIASA & ISEA, and their family members.

With #care4U you can get up to

$1,000 of benefits

collectively for optical, GP cost, specialist & test, and complementary medical. 

from just $4.08* per week 

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— What are the benefits?

A core health plan specifically contributing towards:

  • Dental treatment
  • Optical
  • GPs and Prescriptions
  • Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic Treatment etc 
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Free access to our personalised wellbeing program

Please note waiting periods apply. To find out more, click on the benefits below.

  • Dental Treatment 50% up to $250

    Includes dental examinations, x-rays, cleaning/polishing performed by a Dentist, Oral Surgeon or Dental Hygienist. Includes fillings and teeth extraction (excluding wisdom teeth) performed by a Dentist or Oral Surgeon.  Includes periodontic and endodontic treatment.

    Crowns, dental implants and dentures are not included.  Veneers, gold fillings or other forms of cosmetic dentistry are not included. Orthodontic treatment is not included (refer Orthodontic Benefit).

    Waiting period: 6 months

    Benefit maximum: 50% up to $250

  • Optical 50% up to $250

    Optometrist eye examinations, prescription glasses and contact lenses.

    Waiting period: 6 months

    Benefit maximum: 50% up to $250

  • Medical, Specialists and Tests 50% up to $250

    Prescription medicines and laboratory tests ($10 per item limit), GP visits, Specialist consultations and diagnostic tests including: X-rays, Ultrasound (not obstetric), mammograms, prostate checks, and skin checks (not mole mapping).  Ambulance fees.  Flu vaccinations (all other vaccinations excluded).

    Waiting period: 3 months

    Benefit maximum: 50% up to $250

  • Complementary Medical 50% up to $250

    Physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, podiatry, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, drug and alcohol therapy, dietitian and nutritionist consultations, lymphoedema therapy, allergy testing and chelation therapy, audiology, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, infertility/sterilisation.

    Waiting period: 3 months

    Benefit maximum: 50% up to $250

  • A Personalised Wellbeing Program

    Get ongoing health & wellbeing advice, tailored to your age and situation - such as articles, videos and tips - as well as ongoing challenges that you can take yourself, or with family & friends. 

    And whenever you take action to invest in your wellbeing - you can also earn points towards a range of exclusive 'wellbeing' discounts and rewards!

    Sign up at https://info.healthcareplus.org.nz/good-for-you


We hope you will take the time to consider making the most of these exclusive healthcare benefits and join HealthCarePlus, because better long-term outcomes, for all our eligible Union members is what we’re all about.

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#care4U is exclusively available to participating union members of NZEI, PPTA, PSA, TEU, TIASA & ISEA, and is underwritten by Union Medical Benefits Society Ltd (UniMed). 

UniMed’s financial rating


Union Medical Benefits Society Limited (UniMed) has been given an A (Excellent) insurer financial rating by AM Best. AM Best's ratings are as follows: Secure: A++, A+ (Superior); A, A- (Excellent); B++, B+ (Good) Vulnerable: B, B- (Fair); C++, C+ (Marginal); C, C- (Weak); D (Poor); E (Under Regulatory Supervision); F (In Liquidation); S (Suspended).


(**) Premium for a single insured adult aged up to 45 years in #care4U. Premiums vary by age and are effective as of 1 April 2023.