HealthCarePlus offers more than just health insurance

Created by the unions that protect your rights at work - to support your health in life.  We believe that in today’s world, supporting your health & wellbeing is much more than just access to affordable health insurance.  We now provide ‘Member-only’ services & offers from a range of trusted partners that aims to support your financial, physical and mental wellbeing.

Plus, you don’t need to buy a Health Insurance Plan to join HealthCarePlus now.  Just by being a union member, you are eligible to join.  You can register to become an Associate Member which will give you access to a growing range of offers and discounted services, that have been carefully selected to support your financial, physical, and mental health & wellbeing. 

— Here’s what you're part of with HealthCarePlus

You’re part of an exclusive not-for-profit organisation, designed only for eligible union members and their families, to make the benefits of your union membership go even further. You can access free services and get discounts on a range of products and services - that have been carefully selected to support your financial, physical, and mental health & wellbeing. Plus we aim to give you more value than the commercial market will usually offer.

  • Better cover

    Better cover

    HealthCarePlus’s Primary Care healthcare plans are designed to help offset your day-to-day health costs across a very broad range of services - making personal and family healthcare, truly affordable.

    There are no exclusions based on ‘pre-existing condition’ exclusions, and our Primary Care Plans can leave typical families hundreds of dollars a year better off. Even if you leave your union, your eligibility continues for life.

    We also offer comprehensive hospital cover for those that need it, through our Hospital Select scheme - and discounted offers on travel and life insurance through leading providers that we’ve selected to give you the most value, for a fair price.

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  • Genuine benefits

    Broader benefits

    Beyond insurance, we offer special ‘member-only’ discounts on other financial services - such as discounted rates when joining Enrich Retirement as a Premium Member so you can access all the information you need to plan your retirement to make it easy for you to have the retirement you deserve.

    We specifically select trusted, and wherever possible NZ-owned and operated partners who (like us) are all about putting customers first - and then negotiate exclusive ‘added value’ on behalf of our Members.

  • A not-for-profit provider

    Advice & Support

    In addition to connecting you to ‘added value’ services - we also offer HealthCarePlus Members a range of free resources and tools to support your physical, mental or financial health and wellbeing. From financial advice to a market-leading health and wellbeing platform, there’s a range of options on call - and we’re constantly working to offer you even more.

    And the best part? As an eligible union member, you’re already part of HealthCarePlus. Just register here so that we can keep you up to date with new offers and services that best suit you and your families needs.

  • Supporting your sector

    Giving back

    Giving back to workers in the education & and public service sectors, is what all our services are designed to do. But in addition, HealthCarePlus on behalf of our Members contributes to the advancement of the education for all Kiwi’s via our charitable ‘Grants for Good’ program. This program assists both individuals in need, or those individuals or groups with great ideas dream’s come true

    So from assisting with hardship needs, to funding professional development activities or research projects- there are a wide range of charitable education grants on offer. 

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And Here's How We Support You

— I want everyday support with healthcare expenses

Our Primary Care cover is designed to maximise the benefits paid to you, not minimise them.  Plus, our Plans have less of the usual barriers and exclusions to join and often pay out more each year to typical families, than they cost.  And once you’re a Member, you and your family can enjoy the benefits, not just for the rest of your union membership – but for the rest of your life.


  • Primary Care

    Affordable day-to-day health support -  get cover up to $1,400 collectively for optical, GP cost, specialist & test, and complementary medical. And many more benefits from just  $3.71** per week. 

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  • Primary Care Extra

    Our most comprehensive ‘day-to-day’ package - get cover up to $2,200 collectively for dental, optical, GP costs, specialist & test, mole mappingvaccinations and complementary medical. Plus many more benefits from just $6.46** per week.

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  • #care4U

    Cost efficient cover, for the things you really need - get cover up to $1,000 collectively for dental, optical, GP costs, specialist & test, and complementary medical from just $4.08** per week.

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— I want peace of mind protection

Most New Zealanders don’t realise how much surgical, hospital, or ongoing medical care can truly cost their family until it’s too late. 

And we always hope that our holiday trips go smoothly but sometimes that isn’t always the case.  

So we can help you be prepared for the unexpected that life throws at you whether it’s on holiday or in life. 

Hospital select

On behalf of our Members we have negotiated with UniMed (our health insurance partner) an exclusive hospital insurance plan with enhanced benefits, special terms and conditions:

  • Full hospital cover - that offers up to $300,000 of surgical cover (per person, per admission) across surgery and related consultations.
  • Cover for many pre-existing conditions after you have been insured for three years.
  • Cover for Specialist consultations, test/investigations associated with surgery or hospital admission and cancer treatment including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
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Hospital select

Online Travel Insurance Offer

As a HealthCarePlus Member, if you apply online for travel insurance you are entitled to a Member-only discount. We've partnered with Cover-More to offer travel insurance policies at a discounted rate that are designed to protect you and your family when the unexpected happens on holiday*.

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Online Travel Insurance Offer

— I want to improve my health & wellbeing

Your everyday physical, and mental wellbeing can be a major contributor to your overall 
health - and in today's times, it's an easy thing to miss out on.
So we've made it easier to measure, track, and improve - with our new online wellbeing 
portal, GoodForYou. It blends ongoing personal measurement, with advice that's tailored specifically to a user's needs... motivational support... and real rewards!


Developed In partnership with our health insurance partner UniMed, GoodForYou is an easy-to-use, online portal that gives users a series of tools to track, and manage, their personal wellbeing:
• Tailored advice based on their age, gender and lifestyle factors.
• Personal 'dashboard' showing progress on the key measures that they choose.
• Regular challenges for individuals or groups
• Earning points that can be redeemed for health & wellbeing discounts and rewards.
• Users can add up to 5 family members or friends - completely free

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— I want to look after my loved ones

We've partnered with Public Trust, Monument Insurance and Petcover to give HealthCarePlus Members discounted life insurance, easy & affordable legal wills and cover for your cat or dog.

Life Insurance

With life insurance you protect what matters most. It provides peace of mind knowing that if the worst was to ever happen you know you’ve given your family financial protection for the future by providing them with a lump sum or monthly payment if you pass away. So talk to us about arranging life insurance with a 10% discount for the life of the policy (not just the first year). 

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Life Insurance

Get your will and EPA online

With our online wills & EPAs offer, you get a 20% member discount when you make your will or EPA online. Plus it's quick and easy to complete yourself. And if you need any extra assistance, the support team is based in New Zealand, available for live chat or a phone call.

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Get your will and EPA online


At HealthCarePlus, we’re always focused on finding ways to support you and your whānau with your health and wellbeing.  And that support has now been extended to your furry whānau too. 

We now partner with Petcover to provide you access to their full range of policies for cat and dog owners with a special HealthCarePlus discount for Members

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— I want to know more about money matters

Helping to improve our Members financial well-being is a core part of why we exist and along with our commitment to education and knowledge we are developing a series of resources to help our Members become more financially resilient.

'Good to know' Resources Centre

We have developed a new resource hub to help our Members tackle the major issue of improving their financial resilience. Browse and download our library of guides, ebooks, practical tools, events, and training, starting with Insurance and Estate Planning.

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'Good to know' Resources Centre

Thinking about Retirement?

With our partner, Enrich Retirement we help you live your retirement to the max!  Enrich Retirement through their Membership program have brought together in one place all the information you need to plan your retirement to make it easy for you to have the retirement you deserve.

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Thinking about Retirement?

— I want to speak to a financial adviser

At HealthCarePlus we have access to a nationwide team of financial advisers who can provide you with personalised advice about which of our Health, Life or Disability plans are best suited to your needs.

Financial Advisers

Our preferred Financial Advisers are Financial Advisers contracted to HealthCarePlus through Monument Insurance. Monument has been our appointed business partner since the early 1990’’s to provide financial advice to our members on life and health insurance products (HealthCarePlus is not legally able to provide financial advice).

Meet A Financial Adviser
Financial Advisers

What our members say

*Limits, sub-limits, conditions and exclusions apply. Insurance administered by Cover-More (NZ) Ltd, underwritten and issued by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ZAIL) incorporated in Australia, ABN 13 000 296 640, trading as Zurich New Zealand. Consider the Policy Brochure and wording therein before deciding to buy this product –

** Premium for a single insured adult aged up to 45 years. Premiums vary by age and are effective as of 1 April 2023. Primary Care, Primary Care Extra, #care4U are exclusively available to participating union members of NZEI, PPTA, PSA, TEU, ISEA, TIASA.

Primary Care, Primary Care Extra, #care4U and Hospital Select are underwritten by Union Medical Benefits Society Ltd (UniMed). Any cover issued in response to this application is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the relevant policy documentation and UniMed’s Conditions of Membership.

Hospital Cover and Risk Insurance may be underwritten by a range of New Zealand insurers. The Home Loans Solution is arranged through a range of New Zealand registered banks.  These products are managed through Monument Insurance Limited a division of Crombie Lockwood. HealthCarePlus has a partnership with Monument Insurance who have been our appointed business partner since the early 1990’s to provide financial advice to our Members on Health Insurance.

Travel Insurance administered by Cover-More (NZ) Ltd, underwritten and issued by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ZAIL) incorporated in Australia, ABN 13 000 296 640, trading as Zurich New Zealand. 

Petcover is the sole administrator of the policies acting on behalf of the Insurer. Petcover is a registered trademark. The Insurer for the Petcover insurance products is HDI Global Specialty SE – New Zealand, who is licensed to carry out insurance business in New Zealand in accordance with the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010 and is registered as a financial service provider on the Financial Service Providers Register (FSP 774050).