HealthCarePlus was created by the unions who protect your rights at work - to protect your health in life.

We give eligible union members (and their families) the chance to be part of a uniquely generous and affordable healthcare scheme that’s designed to benefit you in everyday life, not just when you’re sick… and can often save typical families hundreds of dollars more than it costs, each year.

— Here’s what you're part of with HealthCarePlus

  • Better cover

    Better cover

    For as little as a few dollars a week, our Primary Care packages help offset your day-to-day health costs across a very broad range of services - making personal and family healthcare, truly affordable.

    You can claim a wide range of benefits - with no ‘pre-existing condition’ exclusions - and once you sign up, you (and your family) can continue to access our benefits for life, even if you leave your union.

    It’s about healthcare you’ll actually use in normal life - that’s there to maximise your benefit, not minimise our payouts -  backed up with comprehensive hospital cover if you need it, through our Hospital Select scheme.

  • Genuine benefits

    Genuine benefits

    You’ll join thousands of education and public sector workers, who are getting even more value out of their union membership - by accessing healthcare support that’s been specifically designed for the NZ healthcare system, and to work ‘everyday’ for its members.

    This means that a typical family, with typical needs, might save hundreds of dollars more than they pay, each year! To calculate your potential savings, just click here. 

    And click here to see the genuine comments and experiences of current HealthCarePlus members.

  • A not-for-profit provider

    A not-for-profit provider

    While many of us would prefer healthcare to be universal (and free) - today’s reality makes paid cover a necessity for most New Zealanders. But while private providers are there to maximise profits to shareholders, which can shape their costs, benefits (and fine print) - we’re a union-created cooperative, that only exists to do the best thing, and the right thing, by you.

    This means more generous, transparent products and a claims process that’s designed around paying your claim, not hindering it. This leads to more satisfied customers.  See what this means for our members, right here.

  • Supporting your sector

    Supporting your sector

    We’re not just here to provide healthcare - we’re here to help support and increase the physical,  mental and financial well-being of all our members. We do this through supporting research, and providing relevant advice to your sector - and by re-investing any excess surplus we do make, into charitable grants that support your values and objectives.

    So as well as getting better healthcare, you’re also supporting better outcomes for yourself, your family, your colleagues, and your sector.

— I want everyday support

Our Primary Care cover is designed to maximise the benefits paid to you, not minimise them.  Plus, our Plans have less of the usual barriers and exclusions to join and often pay out more each year to typical families, than they cost.  And once you’re a Member, you and your family can enjoy the benefits, not just for the rest of your union membership – but for the rest of your life.

  • Primary Care

    Affordable day to day health support,  to make the right care more accessible for you – offering up to $1,400* of annual benefits from just $3.33** per week.

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  • Primary Care Extra

    Our most comprehensive ‘day-to-day’ package - offering up to $2,000* of annual benefits from just $5.53** per week.

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  • #care4U

    Cost efficient cover, for the things you really need – offering up to $1,000* of annual benefits from just $3.66** per week.

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It’s good to make sure the plan you select is the one best suited to you and you family’s needs

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— I want peace of mind protection

Most New Zealanders don’t realise how much surgical, hospital, or ongoing medical care can truly cost their family until it’s too late. 

And we always hope that our holiday trips go smoothly but sometimes that isn’t always the case.  

So we can help you be prepared for the unexpected that life throws at you whether it’s on holiday or in life. 

Hospital select

Full hospital cover - that offers up to $300,000 of benefits (per admission) across surgery and related consultations.

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Hospital select

Travel Insurance

As a HealthCarePlus Member you are entitled to discounted travel insurance. We’ve negotiated a travel insurance product with Cover-More Travel Insurance which is designed to protect you and your family when the unexpected happens on holiday.

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Covermore Travel Insurance | HCP

— Our advocates

  • Bill | HealthCarePlus

    "HealthCarePlus has been part of my life since I signed up on entering Training College.

    Over the years my family and I have reaped the benefits of being a Member.

    We all wear glasses and have visited the doctor a few times."


    Retired Principal of Sacred Heart Cathedral School

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