We are different

A Better kind of Provider.

What if there was health insurance that was all about actually giving you more -  not finding ways to pay out less? That was designed to make the biggest contribution possible to your day-to-day health, not make the biggest profit? And that 'gave back' beyond healthcare - with charitable grants designed to support you, and your colleagues?

Insurance, that genuinely puts you first.

In today’s world, it’s hard to be strong when you’re standing alone.

And when it comes to looking after the health and wellbeing of you, and your whānau, it’s equally hard to find a partner that’s genuinely focused on your interests – not just the profits that serve theirs.

So, the very same unions that protect your rights at work, created HealthCarePlus to protect your health in life.  A unique scheme that’s designed to serve Members, not maximise profits, HealthCarePlus provides more affordable healthcare, that can benefit you in everyday life – not just when someone’s sick.

Our cover is more generous - with less of the usual barriers and exclusions. It’s designed to maximise the benefits paid to you, not minimise them - often paying out more each year to typical families than it costs. And once you’re a member - you and your family can enjoy the benefits, not just for the rest of your union membership, but for the rest of your life.

And any surplus we make is only used to benefit workers in the education & public service sectors – through making our healthcare even more affordable, delivering advice and resources, and through our charitable 'Grants for Good'.

So when you protect you and your family's health - you can be part of something bigger. Something more generous.  Something more genuine. And something that helps make your colleagues and sector better off too.

Because you’re part of something better - with HealthCarePlus.