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Upgrading your cover from Primary Care (previously EBS Standard Plan) to Primary Care Extra

Members may choose to increase their Benefits by moving from Primary Care to Primary Care Extra, provided that:

  • All Members are covered in the same plan i.e. either Primary Care or Primary Care Extra, and
  • The appropriate premium is paid.  Upgrade takes effect from the first date that Primary Care Extra subscription rates are paid.

Members who elect to upgrade from Primary Care to Primary Care Extra will serve the Waiting Period applicable under Primary Care Extra for all benefits that are not included in Primary Care. These additional Waiting Periods apply over and above the standard Waiting Periods for Primary Care.

On upgrading to Primary Care Extra, Waiting Periods apply to the following benefits:

  • Dental treatment (6 months),
  • Vaccinations (3 months),
  • Medical, Specialists and Tests (3 months), for the additional cover of $250 per Calendar Year, inclusive of travel and other vaccinations (subject to a Sub-limit of 50% reimbursement of actual costs incurred up to  $100 per Calendar Year), mole mapping and an additional $10 per prescription item or laboratory test., 
  • Complementary Medical (3 months), for the additional cover of $100 per Calendar Year,
  • Hospital Treatment (3 months), for the additional cover of $300 per Calendar Year,
  • Excess Reimbursement for oral surgery.

HealthCarePlus may elect, at its sole discretion, to waive Waiting Periods on selected benefits during a promotional period.

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