I’ve worked in schools for over 40 years, the last 21 as Principal of Sacred Heart Cathedral School in Thorndon Wellington.

HealthCarePlus has been part of my life since I signed up on entering Training College. Of course it was known as EBS back then.

Over the years my  family and I have reaped the benefits of being a member. We all wear glasses and have visited the doctor a few times.

Knowing how being a member has assisted my family means I can relate to those asking how belonging to HealthCarePlus will help them.

After retiring in April 2016 I’ve done a fair amount of travelling.  When the opportunity came to take up an Advocates role with HealthCarePlus I jumped at it.  Knowing how good being a member has been for me I’m really pleased to be able to talk about my journey with HealthCarePlus and let fellow teachers know how it can benefit them.

Bill | HealthCarePlus

"I've been a member myself and I saw the benefits first hand...It was a no-brainer to let my staff know about it too.  So, I would invite our local HCP Rep into the school regularly to talk to my staff.  Of course they saw great value in it themselves and I know some are still in it even after they had left teaching and the union."