Anthea Craighead

Anthea spent over 15 years working in research and analytics.

She is therefore the perfect person to pick through the specifics of products to narrow down the best options for you.

Anthea goes the extra mile to help you to understand what you need and what you are buying. By choosing an adviser you are entrusting someone to assess confidential and sensitive issues including medical conditions and finances. 

Anthea Craighead | HCP Rep

"Anthea has looked after my family so well for so long. A pleasant personality who treats my family as one of her own. When Rohini had a major medical emergency early this year, Anthea stepped in going the extra mile of ensuring we managed our wellbeing well through the trauma. Thankfully, we had trauma insurance which got us a handsome payout to take care of everything.
Also, last year I had a hand surgery. After the incident, Anthea suggested “Specific Injury Insurance” to us and sent us details. After a month of hesitation amidst the rising inflation, I asked her to put the insurance in place. Little did I know that an incident this year would put me through so much pain again which required another surgery on my left thumb.
To my surprise, the “Specific Injury Claim” kicked in and I received 3x the insurance amount. All the above would not have been possible without Anthea’s expert knowledge, advice and attention to detail. We highly recommend Anthea’s services to anyone who has the interest and wellbeing of their family at heart."

Sanjay & Rohini

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