Who Can Join?


An applicant for cover must be a financial member of, or be employed by one of the following organisations:

• TEU Tertiary Education Union

• NZEI NZ Educational Institute (Inc)

• PPTA Post Primary Teachers Association (Inc)

• TIASA Tertiary Institutes Allied Staff Association (Inc)

• PSA NZ Public Service Association (Inc) 

• ISEA The Independent Schools Education Association Inc.


A former employee of a participating union who is a financial member of a participating union is eligible to take out a HealthCarePlus policy.

An applicant who is linked through ‘Family/ Whanau’ Membership* is eligible to take out a HealthCarePlus policy.

Once the applicant is admitted as a Member, the Member must advise  any change to union status.




The Member must include a partner and/or children in their policy and pay the appropriate premium in order to apply for benefits for them.

A parent or other adult who is not recognised as the Member’s partner, cannot be included in the policy as a partner for the purpose of obtaining benefits as a family.

Dependant children included in a policy are eligible for benefits up to the end of the year in which they become 21, to 31 December in any year. Note: students, although living with a parent, may be eligible for the Community Services Card and this should be used where appropriate before claiming HealthCarePlus policy benefits.

Over 21 year olds may continue to enjoy HealthCarePlus policy benefits by moving to a non-union premium rate.

To discuss these options, call 0800 600 666,

 (Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm).


Special Membership categories

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements can be admitted with approval as follows:


Trainee Teachers

Trainee teachers need to provide an annual declaration that they still qualify for and are a current member of a participating union. If not, their membership will terminate at the end of the period when they no longer met the eligibility requirements of their qualifying union. Trainee teachers qualify for union member rates.


Family or Whanau is defined as a family member residing in the household of a HealthCarePlus Member, or an ex- partner of a Member, or a child of a Member who is over 21 years of age.

The HealthCarePlus Member must be a financial member of, or be employed by a recognised organisation. Such a person, who is linked as Family/ Whanau, can be a HealthCarePlus Member by paying for the policy under their own name at a non-union rate.


Payment of Premiums


Members will be notified in writing of changes made to the level of premiums.

If you are in the education sector payment can be made by fortnightly salary deductions.

Note; Salary deduction is not available to PSA members’, or anyone not in the education sector, ie; Family/Whanau or Trainee Teachers.

Fortnightly,  monthly  and  annual  direct  debit/credit card  options  are available to all Members.

Fortnightly direct debits are deducted every second Wednesday in conjunction with payroll dates. Monthly and annual direct debits are deducted on the first business day of the month.

Premiums received may not be refunded.



Managing your Membership


Continuing your Membership when circumstances change


Life can be unpredictable so it’s good to know that HealthCarePlus has options that enable you and your family to maintain your Membership when your circumstances change.

These life events can include:

  • Starting a family
  • A change in career
  • Travelling overseas for an extended period
  • Relationship break-ups and new relationships
  • Children reaching 21
  • Retirement


HealthCarePlus Members and their families can continue their coverage, when their circumstances change, and they are no longer Members of a qualifying union. They will simply move to the non-union Member premium rate.

In order to continue to enjoy lower premiums some Members may elect to remain in their union, through associate union Membership.


Honorary/Associate or Retired Member

Members can continue paying contributions to HealthCarePlus provided they either:

  • become an Honorary or Associate Member of a participating union or,
  • they may choose to continue as a non-union Member and pay the non-union Member premium
Relieving Teacher/Support Staff

Irregular salary payments make it impossible for some Members to maintain their eligibility for HealthCarePlus benefits.  Long-term relievers are also disadvantaged when salary ceases at vacation time.  To ensure continuous eligibility for benefits premiums can be paid in advance or by regular monthly direct debits.

Leave Without Pay

Where leave without pay has been approved for a specific period up to 12 months, a Member may pay HealthCarePlus premiums for the full period in advance before leave commences or may choose to pay monthly by bank direct debit if leave is more than 6 months.

Members who do not pay in advance to cover periods of approved leave without pay must re-serve the requisite Waiting Periods when payments for your HealthCarePlus policy resume (except for those Members who have suspended Membership whilst overseas).


Overseas Suspension of Membership


HealthCarePlus Membership can be suspended for a maximum period of 12 months if a Member is travelling overseas for 3 months or more. Written/Email confirmation is required.

Waiting Periods for benefits must be again observed after any break in the payment of premiums (except for those Members who resume within 12 months of the start of approved sick leave without pay/have suspended Membership whilst overseas).


Changing your policy


Members may choose to increase their range of Benefits by moving from one policy to another, provided that:

  • All family Members are covered in the same policy and
  • The appropriate premium is paid

Members who elect to change their policy will serve the Waiting Period applicable for all benefits that are not included in their current policy. These additional Waiting Periods apply over and above the standard Waiting Periods for their current policy and from the date of the first premium payment at the new policy rate.

For details on the Waiting Periods refer to the Table of Coverage for the respective policy. All policy wordings may be viewed here.


Cancelling your Membership


If you are joining HealthCarePlus for the first time and are not satisfied with the policy during the first 30 days after the date you have received the policy document and your Membership Certificate, you can cancel the policy and we will provide a full refund of all premiums paid. You can only do this if no claim has been made under the policy during this period by you or in respect to any other Members insured by your policy. If you wish to cancel the policy within the 30 day period please contact us

You can cancel your policy at any other time thereafter but if you do so you will not be entitled to a refund of any premium already paid to us and you will remain liable for premium due up to the date the cancellation takes effect. Cover will be provided until the date the policy is paid to.

Cancellation of a HealthCarePlus Membership must be advised in writing to UniMed, PO Box 1721, Christchurch 8140, or by email to members@unimed.co.nz.

For cancellation of an Approved Hospital Cover policy not underwritten by UniMed,  please call 0800 268 3763 (Monday – Friday 8 am – 5pm)

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