Primary Care Extra

A comprehensive plan with added benefits

Primary Care Extra is exclusively available to participating union members and their families - eligibility criteria applies. 

Existing HealthCarePlus Members, you can easily upgrade your cover to Primary Care Extra right here>

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Primary Care Extra has all of the benefits available in the Primary Care plan plus;

Dental treatment
Travel and other vaccinations
Some increased benefit maximums
Mole mapping

What are the benefits?

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Dental Treatment (available to Primary Care Extra and #care4U Members only)

Includes dental examinations, x-rays, cleaning/polishing performed by a Dentist, Oral Surgeon or Dental Hygienist. Includes fillings and teeth extraction (excluding wisdom teeth) performed by a Dentist or Oral Surgeon.  Includes periodontic and endodontic treatment.

Crowns, dental implants and dentures are not included.  Veneers, gold fillings or other forms of cosmetic dentistry are not included. Orthodontic treatment is not included (refer Orthodontic Benefit).

Waiting period: 6 months  

Benefit maximum: 50% up to $250



Optometrist eye examinations, prescription glasses and contact lenses (where there has been a change in vision).

Waiting period: 6 months 

Benefit maximum: 50% up to $250


Medical, Specialists and Tests

Prescription medicines and laboratory tests ($20 per item limit), GP visits, Specialist consultations and diagnostic tests including: X-rays, Ultrasound (not obstetric), mammograms, prostate checks, and skin checks. Mole Mapping is included.  Ambulance fees. Travel/consultations and other vaccinations are included (subject to a Sub-limit of 50% reimbursement of actual costs incurred up to $100 per Calendar Year).

Waiting period: 3 months 

Benefit maximum: 50% up to $1000 


Complementary Medical

Physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, podiatry, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, drug and alcohol therapy, dietitian and nutritionist consultations, lymphoedema therapy, allergy testing and chelation therapy, audiology, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, infertility/sterilisation.

Waiting period: 3 months 

Benefit maximum: 50% up to $500 


Hospital Treatment    

A contribution towards the cost of private hospital treatment. Includes surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee and private hospital charges.

Excess reimbursement. Includes oral surgery.

Waiting period: 3 months 

Benefit maximum: 50% up to $1000 
$500 maximum applies for excess reimbursement


Major Diagnostic Imaging

A contribution towards the cost of CT scans, MRI scans and Angiograms.

Waiting period: 6 months  

Benefit maximum: 50% up to $600


Medical Appliance

Specified items prescribed by a GP, Specialist or Hospital. Includes: hearing aids, prosthesis (not related to surgery), toric and irlen lenses,  aids for the control of diabetes or lung disease, Epipens, CPAP Machine/Mask, compression stockings/sleeves, specially made footwear, baby monitor or any equipment for the disabled.

Waiting period: 3 months  

Benefit maximum: 50% up to $400


Orthodontic Treatment

A contribution towards the cost of orthodontic consultations and treatment for Insured Children.

Waiting period: 12 months  

Benefit maximum: 30% up to $750 per child

($1500 maximum for the duration of the subscriber’s  membership)


Sick Leave Without Pay

Where the Subscriber is required to take sick leave without pay due to illness.

Waiting period: 12 months  

Benefit maximum: $50 per week plus $5 per insured child up to $60 per week, for a maximum of 26 weeks


Birth Grant

A lump sum payment for each live child born to a Subscriber or their partner; or for each child adopted by a Subscriber or their partner.

Waiting period: 12 months  

Benefit maximum: $200


Bereavement Grant

A lump sum payment on the death of an Insured Adult or Child (including still birth).

Waiting period: 3 months  

Benefit maximum: $1000


For further details about Primary Care Extra please
see the attached policy document and orthodontic guidelines


Primary Care Extra rates - effective 1 April 2019

Age Single Couple
Age One Parent Family Two Parent Family

These rates are fortnightly, effective as at 1 April 2019, are GST inclusive and are only available to participating union members and their families (conditions apply). Rates may be adjusted annually. For more information on Rates please click here>

The sooner you join, the sooner we can help you pay for your day-to-day health costs. 
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Your HealthCarePlus enquiry line: 
0800 268 3763

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Upgrade your policy

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Terms and conditions apply. Primary Care, Primary Care Extra, #care4U and Hospital Select are underwritten by Union Medical Benefits Society Ltd (UniMed). Hospital Cover and Risk Insurance may be underwritten by a range of New Zealand insurers. The Home Loans Solution is arranged through a range of New Zealand registered banks.  These products are managed through Monument Insurance Limited a division of Crombie Lockwood. HealthCarePlus Representatives are financial advisers contracted to Monument Insurance Limited.

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